November 15th, 2012

Binaural Beats And Soothing Sounds During Cataract Surgery Could Ease Anxiety: Study

Binaural Beats Anxiety

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Relaxing sounds could help people going through cataract surgery to feel less anxious, according to a small new study.

Researchers at Chiang Mai University in Thailand found that exposing patients undergoing cataract surgery — which is often performed with just local anesthesia, meaning the patient is awake while the surgery is being conducted — to binaural beats helped them to feel less anxious and to slow their heart rates. Binaural beats are comprised of two tones at different frequencies, which spur brainwaves that are known to reduce pain and promote relaxation. For this study, researchers exposed patients to binaural beats along with music and natural noises.

More than 3 million people in the United States undergo cataract surgery every year, making it the most common kind of surgery in the country, according to the University of Iowa.

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Researchers found that those who listened to the binaural beats plus the music and natural noises had a slower heart rate and decreased anxiety, compared with those who didn’t listen to anything. And both the binaural beats and music group and the music-only group experienced lower blood pressure than the no-noise group.

Another small study published celebrities sex video in 2007 in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine also showed that listening to binaural beats for 60 days seemed to alleviate anxiety, as self-reported by eight study participants.


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    Very interesting, I keep seeing this research show up lately, I create bianural beats and am looking for websites/blogs to plug our content into… thank you for the information.

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